What causes this function to trigger?

This function is triggered when either, i) your package is installed (it is initialised), ii) when you start or restart your emby server or iii) when you reload the installed package with the reload button on your Emby Dashboard.

What parameters will be passed to this function?

No parameters are currently passed to this function.  I am open to suggestions, so please let me know if you feel something should be passed.  Possibilities for the future are perhaps Emby Server Information, ScripterX version information, etcetera.

What is this function useful for?

Anything in your project that needs to be initialised should be scripted to do so here where appropriate.  For example, global variable default values, or loading configuration values, etcetera.

Example of this function

function _package_init()
      ScripterX.Logger.Info("Im loaded and running, ready for the days ahead.");


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